Saturday, January 29, 2011

hay peeps
well u may have noticed that I'm blogging more that before welll..... theres no point having a blog if u don't wright in it lol
Melbourne's finally getting some sun its meant to be hot and all we have had is cool weather :(
me and the krickle went on a scouting mission yesterday around her work, the zoo is near there surrounded by lots of parks and trees :) stealth van dwellers heaven :) so tonight were going to see if we can sleep there fingers X theres no roving security guards, we were stopped just the other night by one at the new estate were we were working and he seemed ok about us staying there but .... the builder that Ive been working 4 called me and said that hes got no more work for a wile , so i rang around and I'm starting with a new builder on Tuesday :))))) its going to be weird not having krickle at work on monday :( we havnt been apart since july :(

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