Friday, January 28, 2011

well hello readers of the blogg,
well its full steam ahead here in Melbourne work and pod life is going good, i was at our usual haunt by the bay (car park next to the sea) and what did i see a winna bago from last year, u may remember him as the power box mechanic who riped open a power box to "borrow steal" power (and just to recap if u gotta break in then its stealing) i hadn't seen him in a long time and he mosied on over to say hello ,well.... long story short hes been staying in a hostel for the last 6 months...

OMG why would u do that to your self, smelly small Smokey rooms with drunks and druggies wtf ; and yes i know there not all like that but in that part of town they are, well hes back and at least now hes got himself a generator lol, no more need to bring da fuzz down on our asses.

but guess whats new at the car park 3 noobs who are sleeping hobo style in the grass there been there for 5 nights now, please don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with ruff camping , well its just that there's a foot path 5 meters from where there doing it...soooo its time for the pod people to be moving on from this spot and find a new one krickle starts her new job on Monday so we going to find a nice outa the way spot near there...

did i tell ya the one about the condensation that builds up inside a small space that has 2 people and a dog living in it.... and how to get rid of the condensation, well we cut 2 holes into the roof and put in to air vents that spin when the sun hits them. they help with the condensation and also with the heat in the day:)

:) ok buy for now

or sell which eva the case may be

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