Sunday, January 23, 2011

hay hay people just me pod dog here .... and yes in can type i just cant speak.
omg are pod boy and krickle insane or what? they drag me all over the hotest part of oz and i dont evan get laid shore theres ass to sniff and things to lick and smell and new frends to play with but the heat omg i thought i was going to die at least there was food (some times they forget to feed me ) NO MORE OF THAT DRY KIBBLE CRAP ... now ur probibly wondering how im righting this blog well the pod people lift the laptop in the frount of the van and there in the back "playing" gezz its hard to type with the van rocking so much, ive always wondered what games they play back there maby its greco roman wresting or competition yahtzie who knows maby there praying they always seem to end with blessings to god ??? there idiots if u ask me , but there good for a scratch and a walk now and then. well any way there back at work so its up early and not many walks lol at least not with the lead, i allways manage to run off once a day and find some yummie jobsite i got away from krickle the otherday and she was soooo mad lol all kross faced and stampy feet hahaha. i gota go now there praising god. ill try and get another blog on soon, well wroof wroof and all that :)

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  1. hey poddog! this is Mutt Wanderdog using his moms laptop. she likes following their blog but i think your posts are the best! i arfed out loud to hear they got religion and all! hope to hear more from you!