Sunday, January 16, 2011

hay hay bliggers and bloggers, freedom fighters and foragers of new and exiting frontiers,
its been a lonnnng time since ive written a blog and well here goes..... "enough of this bushya" lol
welllllll whats we been up to, be4 xmas work work work $$$$$ and then the big ,and i mean BIG oz trippp and i ant talking acid or ekkies either i mean 16000 km of road in 6 and a half weeks omg aust is a huge place with not a lot in it almost boring perhaps lol well u be the judge look at the pics, pod boy neeeds a 4 wheel drive next time he does that trip.
any way i loved it and needed it.... ok pod life and how its impacting.... some people just cant seem to get it, one of my long time friends who would call himself "open minded " just could not get his head around me not having a house. and the hints and more hints about "responsibility" and how i should need a house and land and need bla need bla and well i kinda am trying to release the need for anything, which is one of the positives about pod life is that theres no room for things that are not a necessity, i was talking to my dad just the other day about the photos of the trip and he was the same u need to put them in a photo album and not just have them on face book....... well what the hell am i going to do with a book carry it around with me until i die lol just baggage thats all it will become ive got the experience and memories in my soul and there far more real to me than anything i could hold in my hand. but he could not seem to understand that, baggage is baggage and i dont want it. any way thats my rant finished ... well almost
all over this huge country there are signs that the government have put up saying "dont drive if ur tied " only sleep cures fatigue stop and rest bla bla bla..... so one night at about 8 pm we stop in a car park on the coast and theres an other sign "no camping" lol "no sleeping in vans " lol but i was tired and sleepy lol so i wrote a note and pit it on my drivers side window

and we went to sleep lolololol welll at 730am the next day bang bang fucking bang "wake up u cant sleep in there " see photo park ranger lol soo hes says hes going to send me a fine lol i cant wait to get it so i can send it to the government cos they told me to sleep lol. i told this guy that i was still sleepy and he said that he didnt care and that we had to leave immediately...
now my rants done lol love to all ummm krickle will edit this rot latter and hopefully it will make some sense lol

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