Monday, February 7, 2011

hay bloggers and bliggers.
just wanted to exspand on the issue of condensation, we found that with the 3 pod creatures living and breathing in the pod there was a lot of condensation, and we tryed all sorts of things to get rid of it....
but the only thing that works is to keep the inside air and the outside air the same temp....
so we now sleep with one or 2 of the doors open, not the cab doors at the front of the van but the back lift up door and the side sliding door . doing this has created some problems ( as with most solutions ) safety; sleeping with the door open can be a scary thought, humans being what they are so Ive fitted both doors with chain bolt locks like most people have on there front doors at home, insert potato here. if its raining we only have the back door open so no water gets in also BUGS, there is nothing worse than wakeing up to being bitten, so ive completely fitted the back door with fly wire permanently; i pulled off the rubber seal around the out side of the door opening and held the fly mesh in place and then pushed the rubber seal back over the track that it was originally on , we could not do this on the side door as we need to be able to get in and out easily, so we got some Velcro (its like tape but one side has minute hooks) that we stuck around the opening , and we had some thin fly netting that we cut 2 size and we just hang it in the opening and hay presto no BUGS :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

hay peeps
well u may have noticed that I'm blogging more that before welll..... theres no point having a blog if u don't wright in it lol
Melbourne's finally getting some sun its meant to be hot and all we have had is cool weather :(
me and the krickle went on a scouting mission yesterday around her work, the zoo is near there surrounded by lots of parks and trees :) stealth van dwellers heaven :) so tonight were going to see if we can sleep there fingers X theres no roving security guards, we were stopped just the other night by one at the new estate were we were working and he seemed ok about us staying there but .... the builder that Ive been working 4 called me and said that hes got no more work for a wile , so i rang around and I'm starting with a new builder on Tuesday :))))) its going to be weird not having krickle at work on monday :( we havnt been apart since july :(

Friday, January 28, 2011

well hello readers of the blogg,
well its full steam ahead here in Melbourne work and pod life is going good, i was at our usual haunt by the bay (car park next to the sea) and what did i see a winna bago from last year, u may remember him as the power box mechanic who riped open a power box to "borrow steal" power (and just to recap if u gotta break in then its stealing) i hadn't seen him in a long time and he mosied on over to say hello ,well.... long story short hes been staying in a hostel for the last 6 months...

OMG why would u do that to your self, smelly small Smokey rooms with drunks and druggies wtf ; and yes i know there not all like that but in that part of town they are, well hes back and at least now hes got himself a generator lol, no more need to bring da fuzz down on our asses.

but guess whats new at the car park 3 noobs who are sleeping hobo style in the grass there been there for 5 nights now, please don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with ruff camping , well its just that there's a foot path 5 meters from where there doing it...soooo its time for the pod people to be moving on from this spot and find a new one krickle starts her new job on Monday so we going to find a nice outa the way spot near there...

did i tell ya the one about the condensation that builds up inside a small space that has 2 people and a dog living in it.... and how to get rid of the condensation, well we cut 2 holes into the roof and put in to air vents that spin when the sun hits them. they help with the condensation and also with the heat in the day:)

:) ok buy for now

or sell which eva the case may be

Sunday, January 23, 2011

hay hay people just me pod dog here .... and yes in can type i just cant speak.
omg are pod boy and krickle insane or what? they drag me all over the hotest part of oz and i dont evan get laid shore theres ass to sniff and things to lick and smell and new frends to play with but the heat omg i thought i was going to die at least there was food (some times they forget to feed me ) NO MORE OF THAT DRY KIBBLE CRAP ... now ur probibly wondering how im righting this blog well the pod people lift the laptop in the frount of the van and there in the back "playing" gezz its hard to type with the van rocking so much, ive always wondered what games they play back there maby its greco roman wresting or competition yahtzie who knows maby there praying they always seem to end with blessings to god ??? there idiots if u ask me , but there good for a scratch and a walk now and then. well any way there back at work so its up early and not many walks lol at least not with the lead, i allways manage to run off once a day and find some yummie jobsite i got away from krickle the otherday and she was soooo mad lol all kross faced and stampy feet hahaha. i gota go now there praising god. ill try and get another blog on soon, well wroof wroof and all that :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

hay hay bliggers and bloggers, freedom fighters and foragers of new and exiting frontiers,
its been a lonnnng time since ive written a blog and well here goes..... "enough of this bushya" lol
welllllll whats we been up to, be4 xmas work work work $$$$$ and then the big ,and i mean BIG oz trippp and i ant talking acid or ekkies either i mean 16000 km of road in 6 and a half weeks omg aust is a huge place with not a lot in it almost boring perhaps lol well u be the judge look at the pics, pod boy neeeds a 4 wheel drive next time he does that trip.
any way i loved it and needed it.... ok pod life and how its impacting.... some people just cant seem to get it, one of my long time friends who would call himself "open minded " just could not get his head around me not having a house. and the hints and more hints about "responsibility" and how i should need a house and land and need bla need bla and well i kinda am trying to release the need for anything, which is one of the positives about pod life is that theres no room for things that are not a necessity, i was talking to my dad just the other day about the photos of the trip and he was the same u need to put them in a photo album and not just have them on face book....... well what the hell am i going to do with a book carry it around with me until i die lol just baggage thats all it will become ive got the experience and memories in my soul and there far more real to me than anything i could hold in my hand. but he could not seem to understand that, baggage is baggage and i dont want it. any way thats my rant finished ... well almost
all over this huge country there are signs that the government have put up saying "dont drive if ur tied " only sleep cures fatigue stop and rest bla bla bla..... so one night at about 8 pm we stop in a car park on the coast and theres an other sign "no camping" lol "no sleeping in vans " lol but i was tired and sleepy lol so i wrote a note and pit it on my drivers side window

and we went to sleep lolololol welll at 730am the next day bang bang fucking bang "wake up u cant sleep in there " see photo park ranger lol soo hes says hes going to send me a fine lol i cant wait to get it so i can send it to the government cos they told me to sleep lol. i told this guy that i was still sleepy and he said that he didnt care and that we had to leave immediately...
now my rants done lol love to all ummm krickle will edit this rot latter and hopefully it will make some sense lol

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hopefully this link works:

Saturday, December 18, 2010

We have traveled and conquered deserts, humidity and now are facing coastal highways and coral reefs as we start down the West Coast of Australia. The views have been amazing, we've had one puncture, been stuck in sand once and been very close to running out of fuel a few times. We've also braved a couple of very heavy rain storms, one was so bad that we all got up in the middle of the night and drove to the nearest town as we were expecting the roads to flood. The next night the guest house had a disaster and we had to replace the tent as the wind broke one of the poles.

We've spent way more than we planned to on gas (autogas) and petrol. Gas has been up to 3 times as expensive as it is back home and petrol prices would make lesser men than Pod Boy curse.

We've also shared the road with more road trains than I can count: 53.5m long is the legal limit and they all do 130km/hr through the desert!

I have so many photos to upload, I wish blogspot was easier to upload photos onto.

We're currently hanging out in Exmouth, a coastal town on the cape at the top of Western Australia. For the first time last night we had a very officious young man come and tell us we couldn't park where we were. It was 7:58pm local time and we had just arrived at Coral Bay. We needed toilets, showers and fuel and were hoping to spend the night as the petrol station was were the roads further south. This man came up to Pod Boy as he was chatting to another guy and informed him that we were illegally parked (outside the public toilets while myself and my sister used the facilities) as it was past 8pm. He also asked if we had accommodation in the town and then told us that we couldn't park anywhere in the shire. He was the rudest person so far on this trip - and we've met our share of rude people.

I can't get over how rude all the sales people have been that we've dealt with. Almost every supermarket is staffed by unhappy small town people who won't give you a smile if they haven't served you at least 100 times before.

Anyway, enough ranting...

We drove almost to the edge of Victoria on our first day driving and spent the night at a lovely rest stop, then we hit the road early the next morning and got to Hahndorf for dinner that night before traveling on to just North of Port Augusta (a very loong trip). We then started the beginning of our desert journey.

The desert colours are epic, and the sky always has interesting cloud shapes.

Pod boy standing over two states: NT and SA.

Coober Pedy: lots of underground housing here to get away from the heat.

We spent about 6 days between Port Augusta and Darwin. The days were too hot to stop driving as it was only the cool breeze coming in the open windows that made life bearable. Every afternoon in the desert there was a rain storm which I think was given to us by God to remind us that we weren't in hell. In all honesty though, I kind of enjoyed the desert. It all looked the same, and the people were few and far between but there was a nice feeling every time you passed another traveling party as they would wave and for a brief second you'd feel a flare of kinship.

We managed to find proper showers every day, although we had to pay about $3 a head for them. We also had bucket washes every night before bed. I found that if I tipped 1/3 of a bucket of water over my head followed by a small bottle of melted ice water and then jumped straight into bed wet I would sleep quite well. Getting to sleep before the water evaporated off me is crucial to my plan. Pod boy isn't quite as brave as me so he doesn't use any ice water, nor does he come to bed still slightly wet...he isn't sleeping very well at all. We bought a 12v fan which has been our best friend on this trip. It goes almost constantly, during the day to cool whoever is in the back while we're driving, or to move the air around in the van if we've left Pod dog in it and then at night over us as we sleep.

We spent a week in Kununurra, it had a lovely swimming hole: even though the signs said there were crocodiles nearby.

We spent 3 hours in Darwin, it was a hot, humid and seemingly boring place. We did manage to find some nice showers there though.

Broome was lovely, nice coastal breezes off the ocean. White sandy beaches, free showers. It had the makings of being a lovely place to hang out, but poisonous jelly fish meant no swimming so we only stayed 3 days.

We're now past the jellyfish waters and we're looking forward to slowing down in terms of the distances we drive each day as we enjoy the water and coral reefs along this coastline. Some places have coral reef within 15m of the shore and the snorkeling around here and further south is meant to be amazing.

When I have better internet I will upload some more photos :)