Monday, February 7, 2011

hay bloggers and bliggers.
just wanted to exspand on the issue of condensation, we found that with the 3 pod creatures living and breathing in the pod there was a lot of condensation, and we tryed all sorts of things to get rid of it....
but the only thing that works is to keep the inside air and the outside air the same temp....
so we now sleep with one or 2 of the doors open, not the cab doors at the front of the van but the back lift up door and the side sliding door . doing this has created some problems ( as with most solutions ) safety; sleeping with the door open can be a scary thought, humans being what they are so Ive fitted both doors with chain bolt locks like most people have on there front doors at home, insert potato here. if its raining we only have the back door open so no water gets in also BUGS, there is nothing worse than wakeing up to being bitten, so ive completely fitted the back door with fly wire permanently; i pulled off the rubber seal around the out side of the door opening and held the fly mesh in place and then pushed the rubber seal back over the track that it was originally on , we could not do this on the side door as we need to be able to get in and out easily, so we got some Velcro (its like tape but one side has minute hooks) that we stuck around the opening , and we had some thin fly netting that we cut 2 size and we just hang it in the opening and hay presto no BUGS :)

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